Search Tips:

The RFP is a unique search, meaning it will only search for the RFP number.

The Agency and Title fields can be searched independently or in combination. 

For example Agency can be searched independently:

Or in Combination with the Title:


Wild Card Searches are performed by adding a % symbol to the text string.  By default a % is added to the front and end of each search string, forcing a wildcard search.  If you wish to

perform an Exact Match to the typed string you must check the Exact Match check box next to each field. 

For example if you check the Exact Match box next to agency and insert the following strings they will yield the following results:

BILL   will result in records  BILL

BILL%  will result in records BILL, BILLABONG

%BILL% will result in records BILL, BILLABONG, WAYBILL